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Euro Trance

A central, neutral form of trance which is probably the simplest to understand. Euro trance is often very uplifting, it is usually around 140 - 145 bpm and has a lot of big rifts. The bass is generally quite heavy and it will often have a female vocal. Due to the big rifts, breakdowns and vocals this style of trance can also be referred to as commercial trance. This form of trance definitely falls into the instant "feel good" category - for many trance-heads, this is how it all started. Currently much harder edged Euro Trance is being referred to as "Hard Trance", in many ways it is similar to Euro, with big, but usually not so "euphoric", rifts and a bit faster, usually around 145 - 150 bpm, often using acid lines.

Euro-Trance Artists

A list of some main euro-trance producers:

  • Baracuda (Axel Konrad, Markus Schafferzyk, Mell, Verena)
  • Bass-T (Sebastian Göckede)
  • Cascada (Manuel Reuter, Yann Pfeifer)
  • Deepforces (Christian Blecha)
  • Deep Spirit (Dominik Cydlik, Bernhard Hochrainer & Roland Binder)
  • DJ Manian (Manuel Reuter)
  • Future Trance United (Baracuda, Megara vs. DJ Lee, Pulsedriver, Rocco vs. Bass-T & Special D.)
  • Groove Coverage (Axel Konrad, Markus Schafferzyk, Mell, Verena)
  • Pulsedriver (Slobodan Petrovic Jr.)
  • Rob Mayth (Robin Brandes)
  • Rocco (Sven Gruhnwald)
  • Special D. (Dennis Horstmann)
  • Starsplash (Charly Lownoise & Franky Tunes)
  • Sven-R-G (Sven Gruhnwald)
  • Tune Up! (Manuel Reuter & Yann Pfeiffer)