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Armin van Buuren
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Ferry Corsten
Classic trance records


  • System by Force Legato
An early production of Oliver Lieb and arguably one of the very first trance tracks


  • Pacific by 808 State
A classic anthem from the Madchester scene.
  • Age Of Love by Age Of Love
Many DJs and fans of the time as well as trance historians consider this record a trance classic, even before trance became a genre of its own. The ethereal sound of this record is the foundation of the trance sound.


  • Go by Moby
Moby's most famous track before he found fame from his album Play .
  • No Fate by Zyon
The first successful trance release on Eye Q . One of the most renowned tracks of the label.
  • We Came In Peace by Dance 2 Trance
The classic trance record which very probably officially gave a name to the genre in Germany, where the sound was first emulated and produced by subsequent German artists, and played in underground clubs and raves; never alone, but always with another genre of electronic music, as the DJ's back then never played only one style of music.


  • Stella by Jam and Spoon
A classic Balearic trance track.


  • Love Stimulation by Humate
The Paul van Dyk Lovemix is easily considered a defining moment in art of remixing, giving an otherwise plain tune "classic" status.
  • Outface by Komakino
Outface is in the middle of the road between techno and trance and serves as a perfect guide in order to understand the evolution from one genre to the other.
  • Abduction by Eat Static
One of the very first Goa trance artist albums. This album set a standard for future releases in this genre.
  • Café Del Mar by Energy 52
Has become one of the most well known trance tunes of all time. Remains one of the most popular and energetic trance records to this day.
  • The First Rebirth by Jones & Stephenson
Perhaps the first hard trance track, at least the first well known one, with a very deep bassdrum and possibly one of the most recognisable melody lines in trance music.
  • Vernon's Wonderland by Vernon
A huge hit back in the day, this track has become a cornerstone of trance music.


  • For an Angel by Paul van Dyk
An early trance classic it defined a style and a sound that continued for a decade. Paul van Dyk continues to play it.
  • The Orange Theme by Cygnus X
This Cygnus X (aka A.C.Boutsen) classic continues to be played even today and has been remixed countless times. It is notable for the number of scales the main theme is played.


  • Oasis by Paragliders
One of the last major classic-style trance tracks before the progressive sound emerged.
  • Twisted by Hallucinogen
Considered to be one of the most original and innovative psychedelic goa trance albums. Completely representative of psychedelic goa trance at that time ( Astral Projection and X-Dream are typical of a slightly later sound(1996 onwards)), and some claim that it defines the sound of psychedelic trance music, it has been highly influential. This was one of the first Goa Trance albums to sell over 50,000 copies.
  • Mahadeva by Astral Projection
This is considered by many the greatest ever goa trance track. Mahadeva catapulted Astral Projection to the top of the genre and brought to prominence the Israeli psy-trance scene.
  • Children by Robert Miles
A powerful dream trance/house hit that has received acclaim from critics both inside and outside trance. This is a song which has introduced many music lovers into the world of dream trance and is widely considered one of the greatest trance songs of all time.


  • Flaming June by BT
A widely-accepted classic. Example of progressive trance. Composed in thirds, the structure of this tune represents the evolving, progressive structure of mid-1990s progressive trance.


  • All I Wanna Do by Dannii Minogue
One of the most popular dance tunes of all time. Written by Brian Thomas Higgins/Stuart McLennan/Timothy Powell/Matt Gray, it is one of the most defining and commercial trance songs of all time, peaking at #4 in the UK, being Dannii's most successful single there.


  • 1998 by Binary Finary
An epic trance monster that took Binary Finary (producers Matt Laws and Stuart Matheson) worldwide within a year and became an all time classic overnight.
  • El Niño by Agnelli & Nelson
The famous trance track popularized by Oakenfold's album "Tranceport". A genre-defining tune of the epic trance.


  • Another Way by Paul van Dyk
An amazing and awe-inspiring journey through the mind and beats by one of the true pioneers of the genre.
  • Universal Nation by Push
Belgian immortal trance and club classic by Push aka M.I.K.E.
  • Carte Blanche by Veracocha
This driving epic trance track was produced by Vincent de Moor & Ferry Corsten and is regarded as one of the tracks that defines epic trance.
  • Madagascar by Art of Trance
This track from the Platipus label was composed by Simon Berry and has been remixed several times since its first release.
  • Out of the Blue by System F
This track has become a huge success, giving trance a big popularity boost.
  • Saltwater by Chicane
This uplifting, epic track was produced by the British DJ Nick Bracegirdle and is widely regarded as one of the greatest trance singles ever.
  • Ayla (Veracocha mix) by Ayla
A high energy trance classic remixed by Veracocha.
  • Barber's Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix) by William Orbit
This Ferry Corsten treatment of William Orbit 's rendition of the Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber , has been one of the most successful marriages to date of classical music and trance.
  • Xpander by Sasha
This track is probably the highlight of Global Underground 13: Ibiza, arguably the best GU album that was released at the height of popularity of progressive trance.


  • Ligaya by Gouryella
A relatively recent track that has been an important addition with its euphoric and emotional melody to any dj's sonic arsenal.