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What is Trance Music
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Building Blocks

You can very well understand what trance is all about if you consider both house and techno a 'power supply' or a 'fuel' of trance. Yes, in some ways trance is derived from house and techno, but this derivation is just a matter of taking the proper power supply. Look, airplanes consume diesel oil in order to be capable of flight. They just cannot fly without fuel, yet they are not fuel! They are much more complex than plain, simple diesel petrolium oil. Now draw and see an analogy, airplanes is trance, and diesel fuel is house, that's it. A more important, fundamental baseline of trance is derived from religious and spiritual roots of the East and ancient Eastern culture. It is astonishing, in fact, ambient, beatless form of trance has been there for ages! More information on this is forth below this page. From a pure music producer's standpoint, the following elements build up a basic trance track on top of a solid, house -powered beat and energetic, techno -powered progressive sound:

  • Rifts, rolls, breakdowns and buildups .
  • Short samples often going into 16th and 32nd notes.
  • Anthems .
  • Highly intermixed major and minor chords.

These are the essential elements of trance, all of them are very important as they completely change the music sound. Applying even one of them changes the sound to trance-alike. House is a mature, developed musical genre. House music can be very good, but house can never be (and has never been and never supposed to be) as uplifting and as emotional as trance. That's because trance, by its definition, has at least some or all of the above unique characteristics appertaining to trance only, which are not attributable to house in any way. Suppose you have a good house track. Once you start adding/incorporating the above qualities into it, it no longer sounds as house, it first becomes progressive house, and then it simply turns into trance.