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So who are The Vibrators

So who are The Vibrators? Well they're not to be confused with adult toy vibrators. With a career lasting thirty one years, vocalist/guitarist Ian "Knox" Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis and drummer Eddie originally formed The Vibrators in February 1976. Their first gig was supporting The Stranglers at Hornsey Art College in North London. They supported The Sex Pistols at the 100 Club and were one of the bands playing at the now legendary 100 Club Punk Rock Festival, where as well as doing their own set they supported guitar hero Chris Spedding, who recommended the band to his then record company, RAK. The band's debut single "We Vibrate" came out in November (one of the first punk singles) and was followed two weeks later by Chris Spedding's "Pogo Dancing" single with The Vibrators as the band on that. Early in 1977 the band supported Iggy Pop (with David Bowie on keyboards) on a UK tour, then moved to Epic Records and released the classic "Baby Baby" single, followed by their first album "Pure Mania" which spent five weeks in the UK Top 75, peaking at number 49.

Over the next few years, the line up changed many times, with some of the original band members leaving to pursue solo careers. A second album, "V2" was released in April of 1978 and reached number 33 in the British Charts, and is still regarded today as one of New Waves finest moments. The original line up reformed in mid 1982 (Knox, Eddie, Pat Collier and John Ellis) and signed to Anagram Records, releasing a new version of "Baby Baby". This was followed by a single and album both called "Guilty". Again the line up changed with various new members coming and going. Over the years they have recorded a total of 16 albums.

They are still touring today, and can be seen at many venues over the UK this year.

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