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Seduction Tips for Women

Seducing a man may seem like an easy enough task and sometimes it can be. The best way to make it easy is to have some ideas beforehand. Know what you want to do and how to do it first. You especially need the confidence it takes to seduce a man. You know he finds you sexy so this shouldn't be hard to do! Here are a few tips for seducing your man. You could probably easily come up with your own based on some of these tips.

By all means give them a try and see what happens! ? Smell Great: A survey showed that eighty nine percent of men said that the scent of a woman made them that much more attractive. Pick out a fragrance that your guy really likes. Once he smells you, he'll be unable to resist you the rest of the evening. ? Feel Sexy: Confidence gives a major boost when seducing a man. Spend a day pampering yourself and making yourself feel even sexier than you did before. Go to the spa; get a bikini wax or your hair done.

Whatever makes you feel sexy all over. This will help in seducing your man and make you all that much more desirable. ? Surprise Him: You could do this in many ways. You could join him in the shower one morning when he isn't expecting you to. Offer to wash his hair and back for him. Just having your soapy hands on him, teasing him, will get him going.

You could also be very sneaky when surprising him. Take a picture of yourself with a digital camera. Wear something he just absolutely loves. Now crop out certain parts of your body and email or send them to his work periodically. Save the best ones for last and by the end of the day, he'll have the whole picture and be ready to come home! ? Be playful and fun: There are many games for partners to play. You could choose a board game or even dice.

There are two dice that you roll and one dice says what you have to do and the other says where you have to do it. This can be very fun and playful yet still seductive if played right. ? Use your imagination: Think of different creative ways to seduce that you would never have though imaginable. Be daring and different. This is a great way to seduce him because neither of you would expect you to do something like that.

If you go out to eat, sneak off to the bathroom and remove your sexy panties. When you get back to the table, hand them to him under the table. The possibilities are endless when it comes to seducing your man.

He finds you sexy so almost any idea you come up with will be successful. Enjoy it and be yourself. Some women get nervous for fear of rejection but you should know by now that a man hardly ever turns down any form of seduction.

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